Welcome to Mini Moovers!


Mini Moovers offers imaginative and creative music and movement classes that are fun, exciting and an educational activity for children aged 6 months to 4 years.So come along, join in the fun and dance to the beat at our Mini Moovers Classes!

The classes are packed full with fun activities including dancing, singing, action songs, props, puppets, percussion instruments and parachute games. We include well known songs and nursery rhymes as well as lots of our own material that is very popular with all the children. Every class is active, energetic and engaging, through the use of a variety of wonderful props and upbeat music. We know that every child is an individual and has different interests and likes, so we create all our classes with lots of variety so that there is something for every Mini Moover!

Mini Moovers classes are relaxed and friendly where children can express themselves freely and gain confidence in participating in a group and meeting new friends. Mini Moovers classes promote active learning and encourage and stimulate a child’s physical, educational and social development through an early introduction to music, rhythm and dance. Our class leaders are energetic, enthusiastic and create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all our Mini Moovers to have lots of FUN!

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